Welcome to the home page for the 2014 SUNY-Geneseo Alumni Trip to Ireland!

On this website, you will find information about the trip itinerary, background on the history and culture of Ireland, readings and other sources that we will be engaging with on the trip, and resources to help you plan independent exploration during free time.

This Website

Navigating the site is easy.  At the top of each page, you will see drop down menus.  Each of these menus will take you to pages of information about the trip:

  • Announcements:  Last minute reminders or changes will be posted here.  We’ll also add information about procedures for the arrival in Dublin as we get closer to our departure.
  • FAQ:  The trip handbook, which you’ve already seen, is available here.  If you have questions about the trip that aren’t answered in the handbook, contact us (cope@geneseo.edu, doggett@geneseo.edu, or worden@geneseo.edu) and we’ll do our best to help you out.  Chances are, if you have a question, others do as well.
  • Locations:  Brief guides to the places we’ll be staying (Dublin, Derry, Sligo, Connemara, and Galway) can be found here.  This includes information on attractions that you could visit during free time, pubs and restaurants, entertainment options, and historical information.
  • Resources:  During the trip, we’ll be consulting a variety of historical documents, poems, and prose works.  We’ve linked to a range of materials – we certainly won’t have time to look at all of these on the trip, so please feel free to browse through them in advance.  In many cases, we’ve provided short excerpts specific to our trip, but have tried to link to easily accessible online sources if you’d like to read more.
  • Our Tours:  The drop down menus include detailed information about all walking and bus tours for the trip.  You’ll see a Google Maps page with clickable links and the drop-down menu will also take you to pages that include historical photos, poems and other writings that relate to the places we’ll be visiting.

You will be able to access this website while we are in Ireland.  All hotels on the trip will have wifi access, so if you have a laptop, ipad, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll be able to consult this material from your room.  We’ll also be sending you a pdf packet with key readings that we’ll be working with on our various tours.  If you are more comfortable with paper, you can print this packet out before you leave and bring it with you.  You also could consider loading the Offline Pages App to your smartphone or tablet.  This will allow you to download the entire trip website to your device so that you can consult it when we’re away from wifi hotspots (we’ll provide more details on Offline Pages under announcements as we get closer to the trip).

Our Itinerary

You’ve already seen our itinerary in the trip handbook, but you can also access it here.  We’ve suggested some readings from this website that you might want to look at in advance.  These are short readings relevant to the sites that we’ll be visiting on the trip.


We’ve set up a Facebook group for this group.  To join, you can follow this link or just type “2104 SUNY Geneseo Alumni Trip to Ireland” in the search box.  This is a closed group, so you’ll have to ask permission to join.  This can be a good resource to help get to know your fellow trip participants and also a place where we can share photos once we’re back from the trip.  Any major announcements about the trip will also be shared through this group (as well as through email and the Announcements section of this webpage).

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